Proven Techniques.

The importance and understanding of dry fire training continue to grow, creating a need for products to facilitate this training. TAC Crew has placed dry fire training systems at the forefront of our business, for law enforcement and the shooting sports community. We strive toward the pursuit of innovative, economical, high-value training systems. TAC Crew is proud to deliver precise and proven training solutions at exceptional price-values.


The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

The TAC CREW training laser cartridges allow the user to instantly see the point of impact. This key visualization delivers the results of your actions, clearly showing how your performance is affected. With immediate feedback, the shooter can adjust to correct any errors and prevent the development of bad habits. One of the key safety features of using the laser cartridge is the firearm lockout feature. When a cartridge is correctly loaded, it is impossible to load a live round.



KEIRON Target Systems gives shooters the ability to create vast types of drills and scenarios with reactive targets. The moderate-sized static targets can be easily set up and adjusted as the shooter transitions from drill to drill. Their size affords a large backlit strike zone with an optional beep and visual blip when shot. The strike zone size replicates the center ring on your traditional targets, reacting only to correct shot placements. With the added feature of using overlays, the user can increase the difficulty by constricting the exposed strike zone. The advanced KEIRON models present built-in training modes and shot timer. Incorporating these features, the user is given data to track their progress, create concise and focused exercises.

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