The Right Tools. The Right Solution.

The importance and understanding of dry fire training continue to grow, creating a need for products to facilitate this training. TAC Crew has placed dry fire training systems at the forefront of our business, for law enforcement and the shooting sports community. We strive toward the pursuit of innovative, economical, high-value training systems. TAC Crew is proud to deliver precise and proven training solutions at exceptional price-values.

Training At Home

Dry Fire Laser Training allows shooters to practice regularly, maintaining and improving their skills away from the range.

Home Training Hack

When it comes to home defense, there is no better place to train. Create a vast number of scenarios in real world environments.

Save Your Brass

Live fire is vital for training, but ammo and range fees can become costly. A single session of dry fire laser training pays for itself.

Cut Training Costs

Reduce your training expenses using laser systems. Not only are you saving ammo but cleaning supplies and firearm wear and tear.

Perfect Fundamentals

Develop skills with your own firearm. Perform various exercises in your own controlled environment.

Safety First:

Train securely with the dry fire laser’s firearm lock-out feature. Safely build firearm familiarity and function, sight alignment and adjustment, and trigger control.