Why Dry Fire Train?

Accuracy when using a firearm is affected by several factors, this includes how you hold the weapon and body position. A variety of your body parts are used to produce a solid shooting structure and correct alignment with your eyes. Dry fire training facilitates in developing the fundamentals of shooting and creates “muscle memory” for these actions to become second nature. Just as you practice any skill in life, the more you repeat the process they become an ingrained automatic response. The techniques of shooting are diminishable if not maintained, dry fire training allows these skills to be preserved without having to visit a shooting range. Virtually all proficient shooters use dry fire training as a fundamental part of their training strategy.

What are the benefits of TAC Crew Products for dry fire exercises?

Traditional dry fire drills are rudimentary for learning but have their limits in showcasing results. Using the latest technological developments, that gap is growing smaller.

The TAC CREW training laser cartridges allow the user to instantly see the point of impact. This key visualization delivers the results of your actions, clearly showing how your performance is affected. With immediate feedback, the shooter can adjust to correct any errors and prevent the development of bad habits. One of the key safety features of using the laser cartridge is the firearm lockout feature. When a cartridge is correctly loaded, it is impossible to load a live round.

KEIRON Target Systems gives shooters the ability to create vast types of drills and scenarios with reactive targets. The moderate-sized static targets can be easily set up and adjusted as the shooter transitions from drill to drill. Their size affords a large backlit strike zone with an optional beep and visual blip when shot. The strike zone size replicates the center ring on your traditional targets, reacting only to correct shot placements. With the added feature of using overlays, the user can increase the difficulty by constricting the exposed strike zone. The advanced KEIRON models present built-in training modes and shot timer. Incorporating these features, the user is given data to track their progress, create concise and focused exercises.

What about recoil and the boom?

The purpose of dry fire is to harness proper shooting fundamentals. There are numerous actions taken while shooting BEFORE the recoil occurs. The lack of recoil and noise gives the trainee an unpolluted environment in which to focus and learn. Due to the speed at which the projectile fires and leaves the firearm, the shot placement is derived from pre-recoil actions. One of the most common errors is recoil anticipation, causing the shooter to dip the firearm before the shot. Substantial dry fire training will reduce and eliminate this problem.