Why Dryfire Train?

Accuracy when using a firearm is affected by several factors, this includes how you hold the weapon and body position. A variety of your body parts are used to produce a solid shooting structure and correct alignment with your eyes. Dry fire training facilitates in developing the fundamentals of shooting and creates “muscle memory” for these actions to become second nature. Just as you practice any skill in life, the more you repeat the process they become an ingrained automatic response. The techniques of shooting are diminishable if not maintained, dry fire training allows these skills to be preserved without having to visit a shooting range. Virtually all proficient shooters use dry fire training as a fundamental part of their training strategy.


Draw Stroke: Making sure to draw how you carry, meaning if you carry concealed you should be drawing from concealment.

Trigger Control: Focus focus focus, make sure your front sight doesn’t move at all. Be one with your weapon, it is a tool that won’t do anything unless you tell it to.

Double Tap: Mix up each cycle, make sure to train for different types of attacks and how you would respond.

Engage Multiple Targets: Place your targets at different distances and spacing. Try facing away from the targets and turning to engage as if being attacked from behind.

Benefits in Dryfire Training

  • General shooting skills and safety habits

  • Shoulder, arm and hand muscles necessary for a steady hold

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Shooting fundamentals (grip, extension, stance, aiming, trigger control, hold control, breath control, follow-through)

  • Eye muscles and focus

  • A proper, smooth draw and presentation

  • Quick target acquisition

  • “Muscle memory”

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