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  • The laser dot shot placement can be easily seen from at least 50 feet (15 meters). We recommend not exceeding 150 feet (45 meters) as the dot size will expand as the distance increases.
  • Use scaled targets to replicate farther distances than the recommended maximum laser range.
  • In the included instructions the proper techniques are listed to ensure safe insertion and removal. If you do not have the instructions visit the Manuals section at the TAC Crew website.

There may be a few potential reasons:

  • Are you using an INFRARED Laser? Check the cartridge or packaging for an IR marking.
  • Are you firing with one eye? Part of the firearm may be blocking the visual shot placement, try training with both eyes open.
  • Is the cartridge operating correctly? Ensure the cartridge is working before chambering by manually depressing the primer button. If the laser doesn’t activate refer to the troubleshoot checklist found in the Manual section at taccrew.com.
  • Are you using the cartridge in bright lighting conditions? Red lasers may be difficult to clearly see when washed out by other bright light sources. The use of reflective targets can aid in shot placement visual confirmation in bright lighting conditions.
  • The cartridge works with both types of actions. The user will have to manually reset the action for each shot using a single action. This entails short stroking the slide/charging handle or pulling back the exposed hammer.
  • No, there is no blowback when dry firing using the Laser Training Cartridge.
  • No, when used properly there is no danger to the user. Our lasers operate >5mw and are safe for short term exposure on the skin. DO NOT SHINE LASER INTO EYES. Laser devices can be potentially hazardous if a constant stream of light is pointed directly at the eyes.
  • RED lasers are visible to the human eye. They work great for developing fundamentals due to the instant visual feedback of your shot placement. Our red lasers work with most Laser Targets, Laser Training Apps and Laser Training Software.
  • Infrared lasers are NOT visible to the human eye. With no dot distraction, the user can focus on honing and refining skills already developed. Our infrared lasers work with IR Laser Targets, IR Sensitive Cameras, and IR Sensitive Laser Training Software.
  • Contact Customer Service to see if you qualify under warranty for any replacement parts. IF you do not qualify, we do have replacement parts for purchase. A sales rep will help you place your order.
  • The targets can register the laser hits from far distances. We recommend not exceeding 150 feet, the same distance as the laser alone. This is due to the laser dot expansion as the light travels further out.
  • Is the sound cue turned on? Refer to the manual of your model for information on how to turn on and off this feature.
  • Check if the unit is turned on. Refer to the instruction manual for your model for info on how to turn unit on.
  • For further troubleshoots refer to the manual section at taccrew.com for the troubleshooting checklist.
  • Are you using the target outdoors? Refer to the outdoor use FAQ.
  • Is the target under direct bright or flickering light? These types of light exposure can cause unwanted registers. Turn off bright/flickering lights or move the strike zone face away from these exposures.
  • The static Targets allow the user to create a vast amount of training scenarios. The only limitation is the user’s creativity and training space. For some ideas and training tips refer to the video section at taccrew.com
  • The target algorithm detects light hits (exposure) on its strike zone. When placed in direct sunlight or any other bright flickering light the target may incorrectly register hits. The simple use of hoods to block unwanted exposure will allow the user to train outdoors with the KEIRON Targets.
  • All electronic devices should be treated as such. If the unit is not going to be used for some time remove the batteries. Do not store units in extreme conditions, either heat or cold. Do not expose to dirt, sand or water. Wipe the units clean after use. The O-Rings on the cartridge should be lightly oiled when in use and when storing.

Once your product has been received please allow 2 business day to process the received product. A certified Tac Crew Technician will begin the exchange, refurbish, or return process. This can take up to 7 business day or more, this will depend on the issue.

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